AR Coated Ball Lens

Best quality AR Coated ball lens

AR Coated Ball Lens Details

We provide Anti Reflection coated ball lenses in diameters ranging from 0.30mm to 8.0mm in a wide variety of materials with refractive index ranging from 1.51 to 2.18

The AR coating is done uniformly all over the surface of the ball lenses without any parting line.

- Transmission

For Single Wave length Coating, Transmission of T>99.5% can be achieved.
For Dual Wave length Coating, Transmission of T>99% can be achieved.

- Application

Fiber to fiber coupling, diode to fiber coupling, fiber to detector coupling, diode laser collimation, and fiber collimation

- Benifits

Orientation when placing the ball lens in your device is not required (uniform coating over entire lens surface), reducing device assembly costs.


Diameter Tolerance +/- 0.003 mm +/- 0.001 mm
Surface Polish (Ra Value) 5 nm 1-2 nm
Roundness Tolerance Less then 0.001 mm Less then 0.001 mm
Surface Quality 20/40 Scratch Dig 20/10 Scratch Dig
Cleanliness Class 100 Class 100
Packing Clean Glass Vials Anti static plastic Vials Waffle type Plastic trays


  • Optical glass from Ohara/Sumita/Schott
  • Sapphire (Refractive Index= 1.76
  • Spinel (Refractive Index = 1.727)
  • Cubic Zirconia (Refractive Index= 2.177)
  • Quartz/Fused Silica
  • Any Material supplied by customer.
  • Schott Glass Materials

  • Ohara Glass Materials


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